Theory delivered promo after MITB, appeared to set up John Cena SummerSlam match

On July 2, Theory wrote his name in the history books by unhooking the Money in the Bank briefcaseand he delivered a post-match promo that appeared to set up a future clash against John Cena.

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The premium live event couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start for the up-and-coming superstar. It took Bobby Lashley 11 minutes to rip away his United States Championship via a brutal ‘Hurt Lock’ submission.

However, Theory’s night was not over. He was added to the ladder match as a last-minute eighth entrant. By the end of the night, his resilience proved worthwhile.

He entered the Ladder match with a sense of determination. However, to win the contract granting him an opportunity at a world title, he’d have to overcome seven other Superstars, including Sheamus, Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins.

But against the odds, he prevailed and showcased his potential in the process.

Theory wants John Cena

After claiming the briefcase, the 24-year-old instantly turned his attention to the greatest of all time.

During Cena’s 20-year celebration, the entire locker room gathered together to pay respect to his legendary career. Theory was one of the exceptions, as he attempted to give the icon both barrels. However, it significantly backfired when he tried to take a selfie with the legend, who had already left the room.

YouTube video

But despite things not working out brilliantly the first time around, Mr Money in the Bank is desperate for his shot at redemption.

After Money in the Bank went off the air, Theory delivered a hard-hitting promo. He called Cena out by using his own ‘Time Is Now’ catchphrase against him.

Theory also referenced being the youngest Money in the Bank winner in history. He added: “I’m going straight to the top. Nobody can touch me – not even John Cena. Everyone else’s time is up. My time is now.”

Nothing has been officially confirmed by WWE, but the promo, as per WrestlingNews, appears to confirm that Theory will take on John Cena at SummerSlam. But despite recently hitting 45 years of age, the powerhouse has more than enough experience to defeat the younger man.

Picking on Cena is never a good idea, and Theory might be about to find out why.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Theory