This Triple H x Spice Girls mashup is the video we never knew we needed

Ever wondered what would happen when you throw Triple H and the Spice Girls together? Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

‘The Game’ has been well-known for being a pretty serious character in the recent years of WWE – though his earlier years weren’t always so intense.

Triple H and the Spice Girls do of course have history and back in 2019, he used their lyrics to mock mentee-turned-rival Batista.

Are you ready?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the internet had turned Big Dave into a meme, HHH decided to get in on the act.

Then, in an obvious evolution (pun not intended) of the joke, someone made a mash-up and we’re just happy this exists.

Quick warning: this might ruin the original song for any Spice Girls fans out there.

There aren’t really any words that can do justice to that and yet we’re pretty sure HHH would be able to find “two words for ya”.

In the present day, The Cerebral Assassin is pretty busy behind the scenes with WWE. He’s the mastermind behind NXT, he created NXT UK and every Takeover tends to be a slam dunk. Oh, and he’s probably going to take over from Vince McMahon one day.

The keys to the WWE castle are there for the taking. All Hunter has to do is keep on doing what he’s doing, and he’ll be at the summit.

But somewhere deep within the WWE Universe, there’s always a lingering hope that he’ll return to the silly DX days somewhere down the road. The odd reunion is always nice to see but in a general sense, comedy HHH really is quite underrated.

So sit back, watch this video a few dozen times and enjoy the weekend.

Featured image credit: Getty