Georges St-Pierre names five fighters who make his UFC ‘Mount Rushmore’

MMA legend Georges St-Pierre has listed five fighters who would make his UFC ‘Mount Rushmore’.

GSP has been retired from the sport for a few years now but his legacy in the promotion will last a lifetime.

Still, while the majority would at the very least put him in their top three, Georges was too humble for that.

The Canadian sensation has seen many great fighters come and go over the years. From past generations to his own, GSP knows a thing or two about this game.

During a recent appearance on the Complex Sports Podcast, St-Pierre named five fighters who he’d consider putting on the Mount Rushmore of the UFC.

“If you ask me who was the most dominating champion ever, then it’s Khabib Nurmagomedov, because he was undefeated, he probably never lost a round.”

“Faced the most adversity, I got to say Jon Jones is there too.”

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“Who has the most flamboyance? I think Anderson Silva because he had some crazy highlight reels.” St-Pierre said. “Who has the biggest draw in terms of who raised the bar in terms of pay-per-views and awareness for the sport? Conor McGregor.”

“Now I am going to go for my personal one. Who changed the game, who was the first one and did something that had never been done before? I think it’s Royce Gracie.”

Khabib, Jones, Silva, McGregor, Gracie. Most rules would dictate you can only have four, but this is GSP we’re talking about. You try telling him otherwise.

We’d say he’s pretty spot on with those selections when you consider the reasons he’s given. The opinion on that is going to vary, but he’s covered all bases pretty well.

Now let’s all just pray to the UFC gods and wait for Khabib vs GSP to happen, shall we? Anyone?

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