Thomas Muller promises Schweinsteiger he won’t throw beer on him, does it anyway

After Bayern Munich emerged as champions of the Bundesliga, Thomas Muller ambushed Bastian Schweinsteiger with a litre of beer.

On April 23, the German giants welcomed Borussia Dortmund to the Allianz Arena, knowing a victory would bag them a tenth-consecutive title.

But despite the pressure, they hit the ground running, with Serge Gnabry scoring a sensational volley after just 15 minutes.

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Shortly after, Robert Lewandowski slotted the ball home to double ‘The Bavarians’ lead. Throughout the fixture, Bayern looked levels above their opponents. But, shortly after the whistle blew to commence the second half, they were given something to think about when Emre Can converted from the penalty spot.

However, despite the nervy atmosphere in the stadium, the players rose to the occasion. With just seven minutes left, Jamal Musiala found the finish to put the game out of sight and claim the championship for his club.

The home stadium rejoiced at their side’s historic achievement. Unsurprisingly, the players were equally as thrilled with the result, with one, in particular, getting a little too carried away.

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Thomas Muller throws beer at Bastian Schweinsteiger

While Bayern’s present-day stars celebrated on the pitch, an icon stood on the touchline offering his views to ESPN. Traditionally, after winning the Bundesliga, the players drench each other with alcohol. However, Schweinsteiger admitted that he’d told Muller before the game that he didn’t want to participate in the festivities.

But despite making his feelings abundantly clear, viewers could sense his nerves through the screen—and with good reason too. The second the German turned his head, his former teammate ambushed him with an epic beer shower. Muller laughed hysterically before Schweinsteiger jovially grabbed him by the neck to deliver a clear message. He said: “I told you not to do that.”

Although he had to continue to work with alcohol trickling down his shirt, watching his friend pick up another title would have been worth it. The two Bundesliga greats have shared many memories, having won many a league title and a World Cup with Germany. So we’re sure he’ll see the funny side.

Luckily, having anticipated the surprise attack, the former midfielder brought a second pair of clothes to the match. Schweinsteiger would have undoubtedly changed into his outfit and joined the players for a night of celebration.

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