Thor Bjornsson deadlifts 320kg weights in incredible Instagram video

Thor Bjornsson took to Instagram to show that he has defied logic once again by lifting 320kg weights with relative ease.

On March 19, ‘The Mountain’ finally settled his long-lasting feud with Eddie Hall. Their rivalry originated from Thor’s reaction to losing the 2017 World’s Strongest Man Championships due to a disallowed rep. After five years of going back and forth, both men desperately wanted to shut the other up.

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But despite coming up short the first time around, he dropped the Brit twice in the boxing ring to complete his revenge.

However, to his core, the Icelander still loves to showcase his ferocious power. Despite shedding the muscle, the 2018 WSM still possesses incredible strength. And he took to the internet to remind everybody just how fearsome he really is.

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Thor Bjornsson deadlifts 320kg weights

The Game of Thrones star showcased his formidable strength to an audience of four million followers. He performed two reps of 320kg (705.4lb, according to Fitness Volt), which is equivalent to lifting an entire family. But astonishingly, the Icelander did this without breaking a sweat. You can watch the full video here.

Image Credits: Instagram / Thor Bjornsson

Two years ago, he broke the deadlifting world record with a stunning 501kg. This remarkable achievement is yet to be broken, and if Thor’s latest video is anything to go by, he’s definitely still got it.

But regardless, he’s primarily focusing on ‘the sweet science’ and already has his next opponent in mind.

Thor Bjornsson vs Martyn Ford?

The Nordic sensation is desperate to land fists on fellow strongman, Martyn Ford. The British bodybuilder referred to Thor as “too soft” before his victory over Hall, and now ‘The Mountain’ wants revenge.

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Although Ford had a fight lined up, it didn’t go ahead. His opponent, Iranian Hulk, had struggled with mental health problems in the build-up, preventing the two men from going toe-toe.

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This has left the powerlifter needing a new rival, and a match-up with Thor makes perfect sense.

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