Eddie Hall breaks his silence on the bets he lost to Thor Bjornsson

Eddie Hall has finally broken his silence on the bets he lost as a result of his defeat to Thor Bjornsson in a boxing match.

The two strongmen took part in what was dubbed as ‘The Heaviest Match in Boxing History’ on March 19.

The grudge match had origins dating back several years. Hall and Bjornsson both competed at the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition, which the Brit won. He subsequently retired from strongman competition.

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However, there were plenty of controversies involved. Hall recorded 51 points in the competition, with Bjornsson finishing second on 50 points. But the Iceland competitor’s final lift was not counted, and he later claimed he was “robbed” by event officials.

After five years of growing heat between the pair – including Hall questioning the legitimacy of Bjornsson’s deadlift world record – they finally settled their grudge in the boxing ring. There were several stipulations on the line, too.

What were the bets involved in Eddie Hall v Thor?

Before the showdown fight took place, both Hall and Bjornsson agreed that the loser of the match would donate $200,000 to charity.

In addition, the loser would also have to have the name of their opponent tattooed somewhere on their body, along with the words ‘World’s Strongest Man’. Given the pair’s history, that tattoo would surely sting. But the bets were agreed on, and both men went into the fight knowing exactly what was on the line.

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Hall, meanwhile, had a separate bet with social media star and powerlifter Larry Wheels that he would defeat Thor.

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As it happened on the night, Hall was on the receiving end of a defeat. Thor won by unanimous decision, knocking his opponent down twice on the way to victory. Although the Brit started strongly, he visibly tired towards the end of the fight, and Thor took control.

Hall now has to honour his side of the bet – with fans quick to remind him of his responsibilities after the fight.

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Eddie Hall breaks silence on lost bets

A total of 10 days after his defeat, Eddie Hall has now addressed the issue of the lost bets in a lengthy reflection video on YouTube.

In the video, the Brit praised his opponent and the fight quality, and hopes the pair can put their differences to one side. He also discussed the bets and said he will fulfil them.

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Hall explained: “The charity are going to get the money. We’ve got to wait for people to pay up – obviously, we’ve all got sponsors and whatever else to pay up. We’ve all got a month’s clause in the contract for it to be paid up.

“Everyone is going to get their money. Larry [Wheels] is going to get his money. I’m a man of my word.”

On the subject of the tattoo, Hall explained that there were no agreed stipulations beyond the original agreement between the two men. Attempts to reach out to Thor failed.

“We never got anything formally in writing for the tattoo,” Hall began.

“We did try to. I reached out to the promoter a couple of times, and we tried to get a Zoom call with Thor to talk about it, but unfortunately, it never came to that. So there’s no stipulation on how big, where, what colour or anything, other than what was said on YouTube.

“It’s going to be used as a tool for the rematch, which is fine. I guess I would do the same, completely. I wouldn’t do the rematch unless Thor got his tattoo.

“It will happen. I’m going to do it in my own time. I’ll get the rematch clause written up before I do. That may take some time, but I’m a man of my word, and that’s going to happen.”

Featured Image Credit: Eddie Hall / YouTube