Thor Bjornsson snaps at press conference after Eddie Hall mentions his mother

Today, Thor Bjornsson completely lost the plot at the press conference after Eddie Hall made a jibe at his mother.

After five years of trading insults, the two former World’s Strongest Men will finally go to war in the ring. ‘The World’s Heaviest Boxing Match’ will take place on Saturday, March 19, and tensions are running high.

Their rivalry initial started after Thor belittled Hall’s crowning moment in the 2017 World Championships. He claimed the Brit only won due to poor officiating and disallowed repetitions. This deeply angered the ‘King of the Strongmen’, who wants to get his own back, and now he has his chance.

This week, the pair of sporting juggernauts have put the security team through their paces with their near-collisions. On March 13, they bumped into each other, and neither man could hold back his frustration. Eventually, Hall lost it and launched a horrifying threat at his opponent.

The powerhouse said: “If you touch me, I’ll bite your nose off.”

The 34-year-old then proceeded to beg ‘The Mountain’ to face him outside before spitting in his direction, which his adversary then did in return. But as the fight has drawn closer, the mood has somehow continued to sour.

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Thor Bjornsson vs Eddie Hall press conference descends into chaos

Before the weigh-in, the two giants traded verbals across the table. But unsurprisingly, the exchange almost spiralled into a fistfight.

Hall shouted: “Let’s f****** go right now. Let’s step up and do it. You want to go now? Because I don’t give a f*** about the money.”

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Thor fell for the bait and rose to his feet before the security team grabbed hold of him. His opponent then mocked him by shouting, “stop holding me back,” while moving backwards himself.

They continued to launch insults before Hall made the comment that angered his 6 ft 9 enemy past the point of repair. He brought up the Icelandic superstar’s mum, which didn’t go down well.

An enraged Thor threw a bottle at his opponent as he screamed: “Don’t ever f***ing talk about my mother, you f***ing a***h***.”

Unable to contain his fury, the press conference had to come to a halt. But they met one last time at the weigh-in, and their combined weight lived up to the ‘heaviest boxing match in history’ selling point. Thor hit the scales at 300 lbs while Hall registered in at over a stone heavier at 313 pounds.

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The two enjoyed their face-off before Hall kicked over a table in one last attempt to get under his opponent’s skin. A half-decade-long grudge comes down to this one moment. On Saturday night, the monstrous men will trade leather in one of the biggest grudge matches in boxing history.

With a combined weight of 613 pounds in the ring, the power generated will be nothing short of terrifying. It’s fair to say whoever gets hit first could fall into a very deep holeone that they might not be able to get out of.

Featured image credit: Ben Looi