Fans remind Eddie Hall to honour several lost bets after Thor Bjornsson defeat

Fans remind Eddie Hall to honour several lost bets after the strongman lost out during last weekend’s boxing bout with Thor Bjornsson.

Dubbed as the ‘Heaviest Boxing Match in History’, bodybuilders Hall and Bjornsson faced off against each other in Dubai.

In reality, it was nothing more than a walkover for Bjornsson. Named the winner by a unanimous decision, the Icelandic-born won all but one of the six rounds.

The fight itself had been a long time coming. Initially scheduled for September 2021, an injury to Hall saw the bout rearranged to the Spring of 2022. Determined to beat his opponent, Bjornsson used the time to perfect his boxing skills.

Unlike his opponent, Bjornsson competed in exhibition fights before the main event. Featuring in three warm-up bouts, the Icelandic strongman quickly became accustomed to life in a ring.

In sharp contrast, Hall entered the fight with Bjornsson as a complete rookie. The Staffordshire-born fighter boasted no prior boxing experience, with the fight’s results coming as no surprise. Somewhat humiliated by the outcome, Hall’s credentials took a heavy beating at the hands of Bjornsson.

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Eddie Hall asked to honour bets with Thor Bjornsson

While the result may not come as a surprise, the buildup to the fight wasn’t without its tensions. The pair endured a number of heated confrontations, including an impromptu meeting at a Dubai gym. Dragged out by part of his entourage, a visibly frustrated Hall looked chomping at the bit to get to Bjornsson.

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Away from the bust-ups, the two also made a number of bets with each other. It was decided the loser of the fight would get the other’s name tattooed on their bottom. While a strange thing to wager, the tattoo would read the winner’s name, followed by ‘World’s Strongest Man’.

However, it wasn’t just pride at stake for Hall and Bjornsson. The British fighter had bet powerlifter Larry Wheels he would come out on top against Bjornsson. Of course, that never came to fruition, and Wheels is now pushing Hall to pay up.

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After already losing the fight and missing out on $10,000, things could hardly get worse for Hall. Except Hall could have to pay out even more, with fans reminding him of a $200,000 pledge to charity.

Much like the tattoo deal with Bjornsson, the pair agreed the loser would donate $200,000 to charity. The Icelandic strongman made it clear post-fight that any potential rematch would not happen unless Hall made the donation. It looks like Hall’s torrid couple of months is about to get worse before it begins to get any better.

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