Iranian Hulk shares physical transformation ahead of Martyn Ford fight

Boxing enthusiasts around the world are almost certain that The Iranian Hulk is in serious trouble when he collides with Martyn Ford. But perhaps they are ignoring the bodybuilder’s commitment to his training.

Earlier this month, the two met at a face-off in Dubai, and things got rather violent. Ford pushed his opponent and sent him flying to the deck.

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Hulk then had another go at taking down his opponent. The Iranian licked his wounds, rose to his feet and grabbed hold of Ford again. However, it wasn’t to be second time lucky.

The one-sided altercation has fans fearing for the underdog’s safety. But on April 30, they’re having a boxing match, not a street fight. And the significantly smaller fighter has worked tirelessly to hone his skills.

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Iranian Hulk has put the graft in

He might not have a typical boxer’s physique, but there’s no denying that the bodybuilder has put the work in. As per the Daily Mirror, he has lost 30 pounds ahead of his super-fight at the O2 Arena.

Image Credit: Iranian Hulk / Instagram

He elaborated on his transformation at a press conference.

Hulk – real name Sajad Gharibi – explained: “I was 145kg at that point in October when the fight was made. But since then, I have decided to do a lot more training to be a lot more realistic about my weight, and I am now 130kg for the fight, and I am getting in better shape to get this fight on.

“This is my dream to be in this fight, and know this, what happened yesterday will not happen in the fight.

“I have been training vigorously for this day; I have brought down my weight and put everything on the line to make this happen. Know this. I am putting everything behind me. I will do whatever it takes to make this fight.”

The Iranian Hulk has some peculiar training methods

It’s clear that Hulk is putting his all into winning the bout, but some fans are questioning whether he’s doing the right things. Since the announcement of the contest, the Iranian sensation has posted several bizarre clips.

The strongman has uploaded videos of himself ripping apart melons and jostling with a group of sparring partners. 

Granted, everybody is different. The same training regiment for one person might not work for the next, but we’ve never heard of anyone in the history of boxing preparing for a fight by bending metal bars and punching walls.

YouTube video

There’s evidence of the Iranian Hulk using more traditional training methods, though. One video sees him working out on a treadmill at a rapid pace, before he walks around a room looking absolutely exhausted.

What we clearly see is plenty of progress over the months, evidenced by Iranian Hulk’s press conference comments and videos. His methods may be unconventional, but there will be arguments if he gets the desired result against Martyn Ford.

Featured Image Credit: Leonine Productions / YouTube