Thor Bjornsson net worth: How much has the former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ earned?

Thor Bjornsson is a man of many talents; he’s the former World’s Strongest Man, a successful actor – and now a professional boxer. Unsurprisingly, he has accumulated a high net worth.

In 2018, ‘The Mountain’ received his crowning moment. After years of dedication, he’d finally achieved his lifelong dream of becoming the most powerful human being on the planet. But despite his victory, he still had a score to settle. He’d lost to England’s Eddie Hall the previous year, which kept him screaming at the wall at night.

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Thor made multiple excuses about the result, and this enraged the Brit. So for five years, their feud bubbled until it reached boiling point. They agreed to settle their beef in the ring, and on March 19, they did. Hall started brilliantly, landing his destructive right hand at will. He even dropped his enemy at the start of the second round.

But the smaller fighter tired as the rounds went on, and Thor’s fundamental boxing skills played dividends. He outboxed his opponent and dropped him with two stunning southpaw straight lefts. The Icelander completely took over and cruised to a unanimous decision.

There’s no denying that Thor has achieved massive amounts in his career and has therefore earned the fruits of his labour.

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How big a net worth has Thor Bjornsson made?

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The 6ft 7in giant is more than just a sports star. He’s a pop-cultural icon known around the globe. He received global recognition for playing ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones. And his net worth reflects that.

According to Essentially Sports, the monstrous competitor has accumulated an impressive $2 million valuation of himself. But as per National World, his recent fight won’t increase that number by a single penny.

In the build-up to the collision, both men showed their class by agreeing to donate $200,000 to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Thor’s other earnings mainly come from his television and film work, including Game of Thrones. In addition, when he was named as the World’s Ultimate Strongman in 2018, as per Barbend, he walked away with a cool $75,000.

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