Tim Barnett talks Christianity and human consciousness after Hexagone MMA 9

While some fighters let a loss define them, Tim Barnett is utilising his powerful mindset to overcome the adversity he suffered at Hexagone MMA 9.

After a four-year absence from the cage, the Liverpudlian made his valiant return at Reims Arena in France, against Abou Tounkara. And while he didn’t bag the win, he secured something much more important — the ability to face his fears and come out a better person.

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As far as fighters go, Barnett is one of the most philosophical of them all, utilising his perspicacious nature to separate his ego from the outcome of his battles under the lights. And although intrusive thoughts enter his head, he’s able to overcome them and find the courage to face his destiny head-on.

Speaking exclusively to Sporf, he said: “It’s a scary thing to do, and I think anyone who tells you it isn’t is a liar.

“When we were driving to the airport, little thoughts of ‘If we had a little car crash now, I wouldn’t have to do this’. And it’s just that voice of the demon that wants to hold you back.

“But I gracefully walked towards the thing that scared me. I think fear keeps you sharp, so it does have a place, but it shouldn’t be a ruling factor in any of our lives. 

“It was good to be back in there and enjoying it more than anything.

“I was probably more dangerous back in the day as a result of the level of suffering that I was going through.

“Who really wins, the guy who goes through his whole fight career suffering and hates every minute of it, or the guy who enjoys his time? 

With Hexagone MMA 9 out of the way, Tim Barnett can’t wait to get his hands on some grub

Now, having achieved his goal of making it back to the cage, Barnett is going to take a rest, to enjoy some time with his beloved family and tuck into some of the finest cuisine available.

The former BAMMA champion laughed: “I’m gonna eat. I love food a lot, good quality food—the highest best organic stuff. I’m looking forward to going back and seeing my kids, my partner and my mum and dad. These are the people who were there for me when the chips were down, the ones that are always going to be there; they’re the ones that matter the most.”

Tim Barnett reveals his love for God and his expectations for the future of the human race

In a journey that has seen him go through incredible adversity outside of competition, Barnett has held his relationship with Jesus close to his heart, knowing that he always has his back.

Explaining how the Lord helps him through his carer, the 33-year-old said: “It draws me closer. That’s what I use this for. That’s what I try and use all things for. And I willingly receive the outcome because that was what was meant for my evolution.

“I’ll go back to the gym and be better. I’m not going to let it dampen my spirit. It doesn’t define me at all, whereas it used to.

“I thought I was a fighter instead of fighting being something that I just did with my time. So now I can enjoy this. I’ve got to come to another country, sample different food, come with people that I enjoy and chill. F*** me; we’ve all been so stressed for years. What about like relaxing?”

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In a world full of anger, hypocrisy and greed, Barnett is hoping that his core principles can fuel a positive change in the way human beings conduct themselves.

Speaking with belief, he asserted: “I think there’s a shift coming in human consciousness. I think we’re all going to grow more loving towards one another, and more accepting of the differences with one another. And I think by facing our fears on an individual level and growing on an individual level, we help shift the collective.”


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