Tom Aspinall can’t wait to play as himself on UFC 5 and reveals his love of Pokemon

At UFC 295, Tom Aspinall intends to knock out Sergei Pavlovich for the interim title, fly home, and settle back down in the UK in time for the release of UFC 5.

On just two weeks’ notice, the powerhouse will step up to the plate to fight in the most iconic venue on the planet Madison Square Garden.

And with a match-up with Jon Jones on the line, the popular heavyweight intends to make all his years of hard work worthwhile by producing a performance capable of shaking ‘Bones’ to his core.

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After sustaining an injury against Curtis Blaydes last year, the Brit went to the well, drawing on every ounce of mental strength in his locker to battle through the inactivity and make it back to the pinnacle of the sport. And following a stunning victory over Marcin Tybura, he’s proved without a doubt that he has the ability to set New York alight.


However, when his mission is done, he’ll set his sights on a new challenge. With the belt wrapped around his waist, his attention will switch to going to his friend’s house to play UFC 5. With an overall score of 95, his character looks like a force to be reckoned with. And it’s fair to say he’s delighted with how accurately the developers have captured his look.

Tom Aspinall can’t wait to play UFC 5

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he laughed: “I’ve not actually got a game console. I don’t really play games. But I play the old ones on my mate’s a bit. I’ve seen the graphics on the new one. I actually really think it looks like me, funnily enough. I’d definitely like to have a go, but I’m not a massive gamer.”

However, while his days sitting in front of the television with a PlayStation remote in his hands are seemingly a thing of the past, in his heyday, he’d spend endless hours catching Pikachu.

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Aspinall reminisced: “I used to play on the PS2 and the Gameboy. I used to play Pokemon and all that. But it’s not really for me. I’m 30 years old, and I’ve got children. I never get it when people are in their thirties, playing games. It’s not really my thing. I’m not much of a gamer.”

On November 12, the powerhouse will set foot in the cage against a man capable of rendering him unconscious with a single shot. But while the presence of Pavlovich would be enough to leave even the toughest of men quaking in their boots, Aspinall can’t wait for the challenge, confident that he has the skill set to get the job done.

Tom Aspinall is ready to win the UFC interim heavyweight title

He beamed: “I definitely don’t want to get punched by him if I don’t have to. I’m going to try not to get hit. That’s the plan. Hit him, and don’t get hit. Who knows what happens? I might kick him in the nuts if I have to. I don’t know. We’ll see how it all goes. But Pavlovich is a very dangerous man. I don’t fancy getting hit off him.”

Therefore, with the fighter’s self-belief at an all-time high, his fans can’t wait to watch him get the job done.

Featured Image Credit: UFC & Tom Aspinall