Tommy Fury: Five possible opponents after beating Jake Paul

After claiming the most significant victory of his career, Tommy Fury has the world at his feet. But who should the man of the moment fight next?

With the pressure of the world on his shoulders, the Brit rose to the occasion. Despite many writing him off and his own family threatening to disown him should he have lost, the Love Island runner-up remained composed and produced a scintillating performance.

The Brit utilised his snappy jab, sublime footwork and all-round boxing IQ to leave his rival chasing shadows. However, as is often the case in combat sports, people move on. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the fans are already looking forward to Fury’s next outing.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at who ‘TNT’ could take on next.

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Jake Paul

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While Fury showed he possesses a significantly higher level of skill than his arch-nemesis, interest around the rematch still remains. Following the announcement of the decision, Paul made several excuses, convincing his followers that on a different night, the win could’ve been his.

And while boxing purists are satisfied with the conclusive result, ‘The Problem Child’ has a rematch clause, which he will undoubtedly look to activate.


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While many finally conceded to giving Fury his much-earned praise, KSI took a different approach. In the aftermath of the 23-year-old’s win over Paul, KSI branded the influencer “trash”, claiming he’d knock him out with ease.

In reality, landing a haymaker on ‘TNT’ would be significantly harder than the YouTubers, ‘The Nightmare’ has gone up against. But with hands as heavy as KSI, there’s no denying the intrigue is there.

Logan Paul

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After taking out one Paul, Fury may as well dispatch of the other. Speaking on his little brother’s podcast, BS, w/ Jake Paul, ‘The Maverick,’ claimed that he wanted to get in the ring with the Salfordian and avenge his sibling’s loss.

And while he’d possess significantly fewer tools and experience over Fury, what he does have is an astronomical size advantage, which would definitely contribute to an incredible storyline.

Idris Virgo

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Over the last few years, Virgo has chased Fury for a ‘battle of the Love Islanders’. But alas, it’s never come to fruition.

As opposed to many of the athletes competing in ‘cross-over’ boxing, the Birmingham fighter has an extensive 12-0-1 professional record. Therefore, a bout between himself and Fury could be the highest-level contest to make.

Paul Bamba

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Fury and Bamba were all set to square off on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Deji, until the Englishman missed weight by a significant margin.

Refusing to fight under the conditions, Global Titans dropped Bamba from the card, cancelled his flights and left him stranded in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Consequently, the ex-marine is desperate to get his hands on the WBC heavyweight champion’s little brother at the next available opportunity.

And with Bamba officially entering the space through his deal with Misfits boxing, he’s hoping a statement performance in his next bout will entice Fury back into negotiations.

Featured Image Credit: John Fury