Tommy Fury? McGregor? Who could Jake Paul fight next?

After his win over Ben Askren last weekend, the confidence of Jake Paul is no doubt sky high.

The YouTuber turned pro boxer has been able to silence a portion of his doubters in the last few months but even after going 3-0, the jury is still out on just how good he is – or, how good he can be.

The likelihood is that he’ll continue to take relatively ‘niche’ fights, though there’s no doubting the growing appeal of what he’s doing on the numbers front.

There have been a number of call-outs over the last few months, so we’ve taken a look at who the outspoken figure could face off against next.

The bookies favourite at the minute is English entrepreneur Joe Fournier, who also fought under the Triller banner over the weekend, picking up a second-round stoppage victory over music star Reykon.

Tommy Fury

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It may not end up being a fair fight, but this would certainly be a step up in ability for Jake Paul.

The popular opinion is that he’s a pretty good amateur boxer with solid power. On the flip side, many fans want to see Tommy Fury step out from behind his brother’s shadow, and this would be a huge spotlight for him, if not a very different way of achieving it.

Dillon Danis

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These two have been going at it for years and even had a physical confrontation whilst Danis was being interviewed.

Beyond that, though, there are two elements that make it intriguing: his friendship with Conor and the uncertainty surrounding his striking. Between that and the trash talk, this one has an insane amount of potential.


YouTube video

If we want to stay within the YouTube sphere, getting Jake to fight the chap who beat his brother would be a pretty good idea.

KSI is arguably the most successful British YouTuber out there and he’s also dipped his toe into the pro boxing world with Logan. Weirdly, this fight actually feels quite competitive, and most would probably favour ‘The Problem Child’ to win.

B.J. Penn

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, UFC icon B.J. Penn offered himself out as a potential next opponent.

Penn claimed he would knock Paul out in one round, will Paul take the bait?

Conor McGregor

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It’s the fight he clearly wants and bizarrely, it’ll probably happen at some point down the line.

Nobody knows what the future holds for Conor McGregor beyond his upcoming trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier. What we do know, though, is that Jake Paul has done a decent job of getting his attention in the last few months.

Find a full list of odds for Paul’s next opponent (via Forbes) below:

  • Joe Fournier 2/1
  • Tommy Fury 5/2
  • Dillon Danis 4/1
  • Tyron Woodley 5/1
  • BJ Penn 12/1
  • Conor McGregor 12/1
  • Chris Leben 16/1
  • Matt Brown 20/1
  • Jimi Manuwa 25/1
  • Nate Diaz 25/1
  • Phil Baroni  25/1
  • Floyd Mayweather 33/1

Featured image credit: Getty