Triple H and Shawn Michaels pay tribute to “best in the world” Io Shirai

Triple H and Shawn Michaels had high praise for former NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai as her monumental reign came to an end.

Inside The Ropes’ Gary Cassidy asked Triple H and Shawn Michaels about the reign of Io Shirai after it was ended by Raquel Gonzalez, and how they reflect on almost a year of Shirai as Women’s Champion.

The Game would say Shirai may just be the best female performer on the planet.

“I’ll start by just saying I’ve said it a lot in these calls, I’ve said it a lot in press, not because I’m trying to hype the brand, but because I truly believe it. I believe Io Shirai… You could make the argument that she’s the best female performer on the face of the planet, she’s amazing. I truly believe that. I can’t say enough good stuff about her. And she has had a monumental reign.”

Meanwhile, Michaels added that Shirai is “money” and worthy of being called “the best in the world” because she’s guaranteed to deliver.

“Io Shirai, for me, it’s simple all the time. She’s money. She’s guaranteed. Every time. Io Shirai, you can bank on her night after night, TakeOver after TakeOver, live show after live show. She is money all the time, and again she’s earned the right to be called the best in the world because she proves it night after night.”

Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels also paid tribute to the woman who dethroned Io Shirai in Raquel Gonzalez, noting her incredible transformation into a “star” and revealing why she was the woman to end Shirai’s monumental reign.

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