True Geordie slams Eddie Hearn over Conor Benn failed drug test

True Geordie has released a video, in which he gives his unfiltered opinion on Eddie Hearn and everyone involved in the fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn.

Since his arrival on the YouTube scene, the Newcastle fantastic has refused to back down from giving his views. And it’s this trait that has endeared him to the near two million subscribers that watch his content on a regular basis.

YouTube video

Although not in the traditional sense, the social media star has developed a huge presence in the fight sports community. He’s proudly commentated on some of the most significant events in YouTube history, including KSI vs Logan Paul. However, after his recent comments, by his own admission, his time working on DAZN has probably come to an end.

Last week, British boxing fans united in suspense as they eagerly awaited one of the biggest bouts of the year. But disaster struck when ‘The Destroyer’ tested positive for Clomifene, a drug which boosts Testosterone and masks other performance-enhancing substances. But despite the controversy, the promoters desperately attempted to keep the contest alive, which has left the internet’s favourite Geordie with a few bones to pick.

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True Geordie slams Eddie Hearn

In a 15-minute video, the 35-year-old reacted to everything that went down during the madness of fight week.

While analysing the press conference, the YouTuber responded to Hearn’s claims that his fighter isn’t banned, saying: “He f***ing should be. Him saying that to try and leave this f***ing door open for a postponed fight that will happen later down the line, shows he’s not accepting the reality of the situation and how bad this is.

“Take responsibility for your fighter. This is shameful action on his part when the drug he popped for is a very specific drug that is only in your system if you deliberately take it. It isn’t something that is going to creep into your body.”

YouTube video

In response to Hearn claiming he made the decision to cancel the fight, Geordie laughed: “This is the British Boxing Board saying ‘we’re not sanctioning this now, because if we do, the liability is on us’. So Eddie, to save face, is now acting like this is a decision that he’s come to. This is not your decision, pal.

“I think Eddie has got so used to bullsh**ting people that it’s now to the point where he doesn’t even know what’s believable or not believable anymore.”

Featured Image Credit: True Geordie / Getty