Umbro and Iraq team up for gorgeous 21/22 home and away shirts

Umbro have unveiled a new home and away strip for the Iraq national side and bloody hell, they’re both very, very good.

Mesopotamia is a historical region situated within the Tigris-Euphrates river system and is the world’s oldest recorded civilisation. Iraq was born out of this area, which is often referred to as the ‘cradle of civilisation’.

Both shirts are inspired by symbols that have represented the culture fo thousands of years, and we’re absolutely massive fans of it.

The home jersey, tinged in a lovely retro green, features a faint graphic pattern of the Babylon palm throughout the front, along with the walls of the Ishtar Gate, one of eight entrances to the city of Babylon.


The away shirt, a white creation that is comfortably one of our favourites to come out of this year so far, also features the Babylon tree, though this time with the addition of Assyrian rosettes.

These flower symbols were often used in art stemming back to the kingdom of Assyria.


Both jerseys are stamped with the Kufic Arabic scripting for ‘Iraq’ on the back, completing two unbelievably good releases.

Unfortunately, anyone hoping to get their hands on one in the UK might be out of luck. The Umbro website says the shirts will only be available in Dubai, Jeddah and Baghdad; Sneaker District, Abu Dhabi, and ‘selected countries.’

Featured image credit: Umbro