Viral pictures show the impact that Marcus Rashford made with his social work

Throughout the last few years, Marcus Rashford has done more for his nation than most politicians have in a lifetime.

The Manchester United and England forward has been at the forefront of the political debate ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. From campaigning online to speaking with government members, Rashford has been working tirelessly to help those in need.

As you can see by the following tweet from Twitter user @cath_writer, it’s made a substantial difference.

The work of Marcus Rashford

At the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, Rashford teamed up with FareShare to provide food for schoolchildren who were no longer receiving free meals due to decisions taken by the UK government. He was able to help raise millions of pounds and, as seen above, has ensured an improvement in the services provided to assist those in the poorest parts of our society. He ultimately managed to force a U-turn from the Conservatives, even receiving plaudits from prime minister Boris Johnson.

Rashford has also spoken up about wanting a permanent increase to Universal Credit in the nation as well as launching a book club campaign for underprivileged children.

In honour of his efforts, the Red Devils star received an MBE in October 2020.


Has there been criticism?

The majority have voiced their praise for Rashford and what he’s accomplished. Some, however, have told him to “stick to football” and “focus on what he’s actually paid to do”.

After a poor performance or a viral tweet, trolls target Rashford. He clearly cares passionately about the causes he’s fighting for but despite that, many would rather he give his attention to Manchester United and England.

This vitriol was on full display after he missed a penalty in the Euro 2020 final. In the hours following the game, a mural of Rashford became vandalised with the 24-year-old subjected to racial abuse.


How has he played this season?

With three goals in five games during the campaign, the problem for Marcus Rashford hasn’t been inconsistency. The boyhood United fan had to undergo surgery this summer after the Euros to rectify a series of injury problems.

YouTube video

Rashford has found the back of the net against Leicester, Atalanta and Tottenham since coming back on October 11.

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