WATCH: Dog scores brilliant glancing header in amateur game

Sometimes football can be the most gut-wrenching sport imaginable but every now and then, it provides us with pure unadulterated joy.

Football clubs, players, fans and broadcasters are regularly required to take the beautiful game incredibly seriously and that makes sense given the stakes at play. Alas, it’s always nice to take a step back from the madness and embrace something fun – especially given how much heartache we all experienced over the summer.

The subject in question today, as you can probably tell from the title, is dogs. They’re known as man’s best friend for a reason and as the years go by we all get to see more and more evidence of their brilliance, whether it be through a light-hearted TikTok or in our own back garden.

Watch it – drink it in

In this instance, though, the action came from footage filmed at a local amateur match in Chile. 

The team in red is gearing up for a free-kick and after the dog quite clearly barks to draw attention to his surging run into the box, the ball is lofted onto his head as he flicks it into the back of the net.

We’re pretty confident in saying the whole thing would’ve been ruled out for offside but at the same time, that goalkeeper should never live down the fact he conceded a goal to a dog. Like, an actual dog.

We’ve all had some great times playing footy with our beloved pooch but in a Santiago Munez-level underdog story, this good boy (or girl) managed to ascend to even loftier heights.

Who knows, maybe Wolves will sign them up if they still can’t find the back of the net in a month or so.

Featured image credit: @SnMiguelChillan