Watch how The Undertaker’s look changed in WWE games through the years

The Undertaker has been intertwined with the world of wrestling for over three decades, so it comes as no surprise that he’s a staple of WWE video games.

The Death Valley native is an icon of the highest order. He’s transcended the sport with his frightening aura and electrifying performances. Throughout his career, he’s become a huge fan favourite. Kids grow up imitating his infamous ‘sit up’ and practising his devastating ‘Tomb Stone Piledriver.’

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So when the games rose in popularity, wrestling enthusiasts flocked to the arcades to play as their hero. However, the series has gone from pixilated fun to realistic-looking games on next-generation consoles as the years have passed.

And as the computer mechanics have developed over time, so has ‘The Phenom’s’ appearance.

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The Undertaker throughout WWE games

‘The Dead Man’ first appeared on ‘WWF Gameboy’ back in 1991 in his trademark outfit. Three years later, he sported his black and purple attire in ‘WWF Raw is War.’ The games perfectly replicate his ever-changing persona. And in ‘WWF Attitude,’ he encapsulated evil leading the ‘The Ministry of Darkness.’

The game beautifully captures the demonic presence he so effortlessly radiated. But by the time ‘WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role’ hit the shelves, the giant had entered a new stage of his career. He became ‘The American Badass’ and rocked the bandana with pride in this game.

By 2001, the series had moved onto the PS2 and Xbox generation. In ‘WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It,’ gamers could team up to utilise the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ against any team who dared take them on.

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As the games continued to progress, they found the title that defined the 2000s. ‘SmackDown vs Raw’ captured the hearts of gamers around the globe. In the first edition, ‘The Dead Man’ upgraded his old school attires.

At the turn of the decade, the character featured as the villain in many of the games’ story modes. But he still had plenty to offer yet. In WWE 13, the 6 ft 10 beast pulled off a fabulous mohawk.

From that point onwards, he features in the 2K franchise as his trademark character. But with plenty of other games still available to play, gamers can plug in their old consoles and relive The American Bad Ass era at any time of their choosing.

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