EA Sports announce fourth fut icon for fifa 22

Wayne Rooney has become the fourth FUT Icon announced for FIFA 22 ahead of the game’s release in October.

Rooney joins former Manchester United team-mate Robin van Persie, as well as Iker Casillas and Cafu, as the new Icons so far confirmed for the Ultimate Team section of the game.

There have also been rumours that other star names could join them.

Like all Icons on FUT, Rooney will have four playable cards released at different stages of the game – base, mid, prime and prime moments.

What are Rooney’s Icon cards?

Rooney’s base card is an 86-rated attacking midfielder. He has 83 pace, 87 shooting, 87 passing and 85 physical. His defending stat stands at 59, whilst he also has 86 dribbling.

His mid card is rated at 88, and sees upgrades in the majority of main statistical areas. Rooney’s pace, shooting and dribbling are all upgraded to 90, 90 and 87 respectively.


Meanwhile, his physical stat jumps one point to 86, whilst his defending is reduced to 50 and passing to 81.

Rooney’s highest rated Icon card currently is his 91-rated prime item, which has a default position of striker.

His pace drops slightly to 89, whilst his dribbling and shooting increase to 88 and 92. His passing jumps up to 83, with the physical stat standing at 89.


Finally, his defending stat for the prime card stands at 55.

It is unclear as of yet which cards will be available for players to use upon the game’s release. On FIFA 21, both base and mid Icon cards were unlocked on release day. The prime moments cards, meanwhile, were released later in the game cycle.

Upon announcing Rooney as a new FIFA Icon, EA Sports tweeted: “From teenage wonderkid to FUT icon. Introducing Wayne Rooney in FIFA 22.”


FIFA 22 will be released on current and new-gen consoles on October 1.

Featured Image Credit: Getty