What happened when Gordon Ramsay met Minnesota Vikings star — Mekhi Blackmon

With a reputation for bullying contestants on Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay is undeniably an intimidating figure, but how did he react when faced with NFL star Mekhi Blackmon?

With formidable athleticism and explosive power, the 24-year-old has solidified his place among the most exciting prospects in the sport. And in a recent trip to the UK, he settled down for a meal at one of the celebrity chef’s restaurants.

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But while Ramsay is renowned for obliterating his prodigies with his quick wit and fearsome temper, in the presence of one of American Football’s most exciting up-and-comers, he kept quiet and cooked his guest a lovely meal.

Speaking exclusively to SPORF, Blackmon said: “I met Gordon Ramsay at his restaurant. So that was crazy. I believe it was called Lucky Cat, and all the food was epic. We went to another one of his restaurants last night, and it was good again. So. I guess the hype is real behind his food.”

Aside from meeting Gordon Ramsay, Mekhi Blackmon has spent his time in the UK engaging with his supporters

After impressing at USC, the sportsman secured his spot with The Vikings during the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft, and he’s already utilising his eccentric personality to make a splash in the locker room.

Thus, after their victory over New Orleans Saints in London last year, the club, who are growing in popularity across the globe, thought it appropriate to give the speedy Rookie Cornerback an opportunity to interact with his fans in the UK.

Travelling around London to Wireless Festival and Wimbledon, Blackmon has had a wonderful time meeting his supporters.

He beamed: “We met with a few fans the other day. You can tell the sport is growing here. I’m sure more and more games will take place here. With the Vikings playing last year, I’m sure my teammates and I want to show our skills to the UK audience.

“Just speaking with the fans, you can tell how dedicated they are. A lot of those guys travel to the US to watch us play. So it’s really good to come right to their doorstep and play games for them. 

“I’ve got a lot of Twitter DMs, Instagram DMs and stuff like that from fans.” 


Mehki Blackmon is determined to make a name for himself with The Minnesota Vikings

Having grown up in a football family, with the help of his mum and uncles, the youngster clawed his way to the pinnacle of the sport. And he doesn’t intend on slowing down anytime soon.

Now, at the Vikings, he’s hoping to cement a legacy that will last long in the memory.

Speaking on joining the side, he said: “The Vikings were top five in a lot of the categories, which means they were a good organisation to come to. A lot of people said that I was in a real good situation.”

He continued: “Coach O’Connor and his staff are real good to be around. And I could sense that off my top 30 visits. So I was really happy to get drafted there.

“I want to get The Vikings to the Super Bowl as well. That’s everybody’s goal each year. I want to help my team in the best way possible.

And with confidence racing through his veins, he has full belief that he’s capable of lifting the biggest prize in the sport.

He asserted: “I talked to the staff before they drafted me. They were asking about my goals, and I was saying each year, there’s a rookie who wins the Super Bowl. So who better to do it for than The Vikings?

Who inspired Mekhi Blackmon to make it to the NFL?

Born in California, the pro athlete had many footballers he admired growing up, but one stood out from the pack.

Blackmon exclaimed: “I have my favourite players. But just closer to home, Devante Adams is from my city. He was the guy that our city leaned on. When he did it, more guys slowly started getting recognition out of our little city. We didn’t have much notoriety coming up, but we’re getting more and more.”

With undeniable talent and an unrivalled will to succeed, Blackmon has all the minerals to achieve incredible things in the sport. Therefore, it’s advised that all Vikings fans strap themselves in and enjoy what looks set to be an incredible ride.

Although the Minnesota Vikings will not be returning to play in London this October, the team will remain active in the UK throughout the season. To keep updated on everything follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / Minnesota Vikings