Which song has Jonas Mågård sung to Jack Cartwright ahead of Oktagon 52?

With palpable charisma and remarkable wit, Jonas Mågård has utilised his trash-talking skills to dominate fighters across Europe. But in the build-up to his collision with Jack Cartwright at Oktagon 52, the MMA star has had to go to the well to fend off his English rival.

Blessed with star quality and an unrelenting will to win, the Danish sensation has amassed enormous support, generating an army of fans all desperate to see their hero bag the victory when he travels to Newcastle on January 27.

Renowned for constantly overcoming the odds, Mågård, who’s already scaled the heights of Europe’s number one promotion, is confident that he can head into enemy territory and render the English crowd stunned with an explosive knockout.

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With incredible language-skills, fans often forget that English isn’t the MMA fighter’s native tongue. But in a testament to his skills on the mic, Mågård has held his own, going head-to-head with Cartwright in several trash-talking exchanges that have left MMA enthusiasts positively salivating for the fight to come.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he laughed: “It’s been different. I think my English teacher would be very happy since I didn’t get the best English marks in school. So, going toe-to-toe with a northern English man is amazing; it’s been fun.

“Some of the things he said, I didn’t really understand what he was saying. My thinking time is sometimes a bit longer because it’s not my first language. But overall, especially in the face-to-face, I got my points out and put him in his place.”

Jonas Mågård takes on Jack Cartwright in ‘The Battle of Manchester’

While Denmark will always be in his heart, Mågård headed to the UK to chase his dreams, with British fans gravitating towards the martial artist’s personality and fighting spirit.

Enhancing his skills at Manchester Top Team, the bantamweight came into his own, rendering spectators speechless with his mesmerising performances against Filip Macek and Gustavo Lopez. However, while some fighters merely shine in victory, one of Mågård’s greatest moments came in defeat.

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Defining the term ‘Anytime, anyplace, anywhere’, the warrior agreed to defend his Oktagon title against Felipe Lima in a bout that many would’ve turned down. And while he didn’t win the contest, he won the respect of the public. In a moment that encapsulated everything it means to be a champion, Mågård, took an illegal knee to the back, which would’ve left most sprawled on the canvas. But rather than quit, he exhibited his phenomenal grit, fighting to the bitter end. And should he beat Cartwright, he’ll have earned another shot at the belt.


And with the pair both based in Manchester, the former title holder is determined to live up to his ‘Shark’ nickname, and drown his arch nemesis, proving beyond doubt that he’s the toughest man in the city.

He explained: “That’s what it’s mostly about. It’s always about the fight, but this is beyond the fight for me. It’s a little bit like a schoolyard fight, isn’t it? Who’s the biggest dog in the yard? And I’m here to p**s all over the place.”

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With so much on the line, Mågård has ramped up the mind games, singing to his opponent to put him off the task at hand.

The 31-year-old said: “He told me he didn’t like music, and that was the biggest lie. After the face-off, I played some music for him. I even sang a little bit. He’s trying to be in disguise, but I think he’s actually just a sweet guy a family man. But he has this mysterious thing about him, and he plays into it, but I just don’t buy it.”

When asked which song he serenaded his nemesis with, Mågård replied simply: “Freed from desire.”

Jonas Mågård is fighting for his family at Oktagon 52

While fighting means the world to the Danish icon, he doesn’t love anything more than his son. The popular brawler, dedicates all his achievements to his beloved 4-year-old, doing everything in his power to leave a legacy his boy can take inspiration from.

He explained: “My celebration after the fight is going to be spending time with him. I don’t know if he understands, but he watches the fights. I want him to be involved. He loves the belts I give him, they’re in his room, but he’s only four. For me, it’s about leaving a legacy for him, which will inspire him when he grows up.

“That’s why the Lima fight was such an important moment for me because it was not just to show the world, but it was also about showing my son. That moment said, ‘We don’t give up in my family’ and that’s something I want to pass down to him. But it’s easier to do it with actions and not just words.”

And when the eagerly-anticipated contest on January 27 at the Utilita Arena is done and dusted, Mågård will return home to spend some time with his adoring son and enjoy some traditional Danish cakes.

He beamed: “Danish bakeries are f*****g amazing. I’m lucky I’m not living in Denmark at the moment. But we will be travelling to Denmark after the fight and I’ll be eating a lot of cakes. I’ve travelled all over the world, but I’ve never had pastries and cakes like they do in Denmark. It’s good I’m not in Denmark because I would have had a harder weight cut than I already have.”  

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