Who does Conor McGregor face next?

It’s the question most MMA fans want the answer to – what will Conor McGregor do next?

‘The Notorious’ is coming off the back of an incredibly damaging TKO loss to Dustin Poirier back in January. McGregor himself has been vocal about wanting to return to action more frequently this time round, but as of yet, we’re yet to hear any concrete plans.

Whatever happens, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be short of options. We’ve picked out a few roads that he could go down, some more likely than others.

Dustin Poirier

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It’s the trilogy fight that seems destined to happen.

The two men are at 1-1 in their series after ‘The Diamond’ evened things up at UFC 257. He seemed to have Conor’s number in most departments but with the Irishman landing a few really nice clean blows, there’s reason to believe he could make the necessary adjustments in a third meeting.

Manny Pacquiao

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It pays to be crazy.

The popular opinion is that this would end in a similar fashion to the meeting with Mayweather. Alas, with an undoubtedly sizeable payday being offered for the fight, it may become an option that the Irishman finds impossible to turn down.

Nate Diaz

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Five years later – could the pair reunite?

Here’s another 1-1 rivalry that Conor McGregor has under his belt, but one that is arguably even bigger. Their first two showdowns not only put Diaz on the map, they also launched McGregor into a realm of superstardom that had never previously been seen in the sport before.

Justin Gaethje

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Everyone loves a bit of chaos.

Gaethje lost to Khabib, Conor lost to Khabib. Gaethje is a big hitter and so is Conor. These two chaps live for a good scrap and with them both coming off of defeats, we’re struggling to see a reason why the UFC wouldn’t want to book this at some point in 2021.

Jorge Masvidal

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Two of the biggest stars in the world fighting each other? Sign us up.

This has been teased on a few occasions now and regardless of whether Jorge Masvidal beats Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title, there’s a good argument to be made this should be next. The build-up would be fun, the fight would be fun, and it’d make a whole lot of money.

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