Why Kevin Owens missed WWE Raw despite advertised match

New reports have cleared up some fan confusion over why Kevin Owens missed last night’s WWE Raw, despite his scheduled appearance in an advertised match.

Owens was due to take on a member of Ezekiel’s family, as part of a feud between the duo. Since Ezekiel’s sensational arrival in WWE as Elias’ brother, Kevin Owens has been on a rampage to prove that they are actually just the same person.

They have had numerous run-ins as a result, including when Owens grilled Ezekiel with a lie detector test. Recently, Ezekiel and Elias have bamboozled KO further by appearing together in a backstage scene.

Elias returned ‘from the dead’ to perform a new song called “Kevin Owens is a liar” at last week’s Raw. He then showed support for his brother by smacking KO over the head with his guitar.

With the feud heating up, WWE had some plans scheduled for last night’s Raw.

WWE advertise Owens – Ezekiel battle

The federation planned a match-up where Owens would wrestle one of either Ezekiel, Elias, or Elrod – their youngest sibling. However, WWE upped the ante by putting in a stipulation.

In an exciting twist, WWE announced that the match’s victor would take the last qualifying slot for the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match. The federation also went as far as advertising this on social media, hyping up the occasion.

Because of the promotion, fans were confused when the entire Monday night entertainment ran without the qualifying battle occurring. WWE further aroused suspicion as they did not address the missing match during the broadcast either.

Kevin Owens did not appear on Raw at all. In contrast, Ezekiel showed up backstage in a humourous segment with John Cena.

Now, insiders have shared information to clarify the cancellation of the advertised match.  

Kevin Owens misses Raw match

Journalist Dave Meltzer revealed why KO did not appear on Monday Night Raw on Wrestling Observer Radio. He says that Owens had a small situation to deal with, and hence could not show.

“No Kevin Owens, whatever the situation is, minor, but he was not on the show, which is why the Ezekiel match did not happen as originally scheduled,” explained Meltzer, quoted from Wrestling News. “[The match] was, I guess, that was going to be for the last spot in Money in the Bank?

“There’s one spot left… I did not check if Kevin Owens would be ready by Friday. I just know that he was not ready tonight, but it’s nothing serious is what I was told. Perhaps he’ll be ready by Friday and do that match.”

So, there is an opportunity for the MITB qualification match to take place on SmackDown if Owens is ready.

Thankfully, KO’s issue does not appear to be serious. Therefore, fans can hopefully see a Kevin Owens – Ezekiel battle again soon.

In the meantime, Owens has been active to on Twitter. With Raw held in Texas this week – the birthplace of his WrestleMania 38 opponent, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin – it comes as no surprise to hear what KO thinks about the US state.

Featured Image Credit: WWE / YouTube