Will Harry Kane stay at Tottenham? — Harry Redknapp reveals all

With 267 goals in 416 appearances, Harry Kane, is undeniably one of the greatest players to ever wear a Tottenham shirt. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll spend the rest of his career with the London club.

Possessing an incredible footballing IQ and an unrivalled eye for goal, the-29-year-old has proven himself as one of the best strikers on the planet. However, with his career racing away without a trophy to his name, his time to reach the pinnacle of the sport is running out.

But despite the elephant in the room, Tottenham’s former boss doesn’t think he’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Harry Redknapp gives his verdict on Harry Kane

Speaking to Reece Mennie on his podcast, the 75-year-old, said: “I don’t think he’ll move. I can’t see him moving. He will end up being a one-club man like Steven Gerrard. He’s the best centre forward in the world; he’s fantastic, can do everything. He works, he’s a leader, he can shoot, he can score, he can head it, he passes it like a midfield player, links play up, he’s big and strong. He can do everything. I think he is just the complete, all-round player.

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Redknapp continued: “He can walk into any team, but does he need to? The money he’s on at Spurs is more than he can ever spend; he’s earning a fortune, and quite rightly so. I think he’s moving house or building a new house, so his life is probably great. He loves his golf, and that’s his hobby now, getting a game of golf in when he can. I can’t see him wanting to move away. I think he’ll stay.

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