William Gallas makes massive claim about Aaron Ramsdale

With a first Premier League win in almost two decades within touching distance, William Gallas believes Arsenal have a lot to thank Aaron Ramsdale for.

Throughout the season, ‘The Gunners’ have looked back to their best. Under the guidance of Mikel Arteta, they quickly established themselves at the top of the table, with the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka bagging goals for fun. But they wouldn’t be where they are now if their man between the sticks hadn’t been in such fine form.

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As a two-time Premier League winner, Gallas knows just how vital a good goalkeeper is, and right now, he doesn’t believe anyone in the division comes close to Arsenal’s number one.

Speaking to Genting Casino, he said: “Aaron Ramsdale is the best goalkeeper in the Premier League right now, he pulled off some amazing saves against Liverpool, and it was not the first time. I think Arsenal went back to London with a point and owe him for that. The saves he did from Salah and the others, too, were magnificent. He’s one of the best in the Premier League right now.”

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Does William Gallas think Aaron Ramsdale is the best goalkeeper in the world?

While the Frenchman rates the 24-year-old very highly, he still thinks he’s got a while to go before he can claim he’s the best on the planet.

The ex-defender claimed: “Ramsdale is maybe one of the best keepers in the world at the moment. But to be the best, you need to be at that level for years. This season he’s been great, but I’m still waiting to see if he will be at that level in seasons to come. Mendy, for example, from Chelsea, he had a great season and then the next season, he made a mistake and was dropped. I like to see players who perform season in, season out. They are the ones you can call the best in the world.”

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But despite not quite giving the Englishman the gold medal in terms of the world’s greatest, he does concede that the up-and-comer is the best ‘The Gunners’ have had since Jens Lehmann.

The 45-year-old confessed: “I think Ramsdale is the best keeper Arsenal have had since Jens Lehmann. We are talking about Ramsdale because the Gunners are top of the league. If they were in a different position, we wouldn’t be talking about him like this. If you compare Ramsdale to Cech when he was at Arsenal, the position of the Gunners was not as good, around 4th, and we didn’t see as many top saves as this. So for me, Ramsdale is the best keeper Arsenal have had since Lehmann.”

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