WWE fans slam Nia Jax for dismissing people’s Ukraine support in anti-vaxx post

Nia Jax has a history of anti-vaccine and anti-mask speech, but her bizarre comparison to the Ukraine conflict has caused a stir.

Her anti-vaccine stance is rumoured to be the reason that WWE released the wrestler. However, Jax rejected that reason, claiming that her leaving was due to ‘budget cuts’ in an Instagram Q&A.

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In another post on her Instagram, Jax claimed she had taken a mental health break from the federation. But, when she asked for an extension, she found out that the WWE had released her. The two-time WWE women’s tag team champion insisted that the decision did not involve her vaccine stance.

Since leaving WWE, she has been critical of the federation and unfiltered in her statements.

Her most recent outburst may be her most controversial take to date.

Nia Jax’s bizarre Ukraine comparison

Jax, now known as Lina Fanene, commented on the Ukraine crisis in a post to her Instagram story.

She wrote: “All these mfs saying ‘I stand with Ukraine’ couldn’t even stand for their own personal rights for 2 years because they were scared to breathe.”

Fanene is seemingly comparing the decision to support a nation (Ukraine) defending itself from an invader with wearing a mask and getting vaccinated in the interest of public health.

Her post did not impress WWE fans. For instance, one user wrote: “Nia Jax appears to be as terrible a person as she is a wrestler. Don’t be like Nia Jax.”

Another applauded WWE for releasing her: “WWE definitely made the right decision letting Nia Jax go. Disgusting.”

A very unpopular take indeed.

Never far from controversy

Nia Jax has become extra outspoken now that she is free from the WWE. Recently, she made waves online for saying that everyone in the WWE is ‘miserable,’ in an apparent swipe at her former employees.

Her most controversial takes, however, are on vaccines. Fanene has a hard anti-vax stance, causing Twitter spats frequently.

After a Twitter user shared an old post of Jax’s dismissing vaccine efficacy, she alleged that some wrestlers and sportspeople have fake COVID vaccine cards. Jax wrote: “I know a lot of people in many professional sports that just paid & got a real card from a doctor…soooo.”

In another Twitter war, Jax further vilified herself to the public. She called a fan a “soft, weak loser” in response to criticism of her wrestling. The fan had said she was reckless and needed practice to prevent causing injuries in the ring.  

Never afraid to speak her mind, Nia Jax will likely continue to cause controversy.