Ryback aims abuse at Vince McMahon, calls his late mother a “w***e”

Former WWE star Ryback has once again hit the headlines for the wrong reasons after aiming a series of abusive tweets towards Vince McMahon and making a derogatory statement about his late mother.

Ryback initially joined WWE as part of their NXT brand under the ring name of Skip Sheffield. He was then called up to the main roster as part of The Nexus group in June 2010.

After several months of terrorising Superstars on Raw, he broke his ankle in August and was out of action for over a year.

Upon his return in 2012, he was repackaged as Ryback. He went on a lengthy winning streak before being defeated by WWE Champion CM Punk at Hell in a Cell.

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He won the Intercontinental Championship in 2015 before being released by the company a year later.

Since his release, Ryback has been highly outspoken against WWE. In 2020, he explained why: “The company has betrayed me from the start and never once offered to help with the problems they were responsible for, but I fixed it. They suppressed my social media and forcing me to spend lots of cash for a trademark they only renewed because it was being awarded to me.”

Ryback takes fresh aim at Vince McMahon

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One of the main frustrations of Ryback has been about WWE management, particularly chairman Vince McMahon.

WWE decided to release 10 Superstars from their NXT brand earlier this week. The most prominent of these releases was Dakota Kai, who many fans believed had the potential to impact the women’s division on the main roster.

In now-deleted tweets (via Wrestling News), Ryback unleashed a verbal tirade at McMahon, appearing to be related to the releases. The 40-year-old also made a derogatory statement about the chairman’s late mother, Vicki. She passed away at the age of 101 earlier this year.

He also referred to McMahon’s stepfather. The WWE chairman has rarely opened up about this part of his life, but revealed in interviews with Playboy, Muscle and Fitness, The New York Times and Headliners & Legends with Matt Lauer that his stepfather used to beat him and his mother when he was a child. He once said: “It’s unfortunate that he died before I could kill him.”

Ryback tweeted: “Vince McMahon, like most promoters, has an insatiable urge to have control.

“He had no control watching his mum get beat up as a child, which is a horrendous thing for a kid to witness, as their w***e mom tries to make ends meet.

“Vince has failed to evolve. F*** you old man.”

In a separate tweet, Ryback added: “It’s so crazy how many people are ok with a psycho billionaire toying with innocent people’s lives and w**ring out a human circus, but can’t stand the actual truth of that man’s psychological weakness.

“48 Laws of Power. Your clock is ticking old man. You take nothing with you.”

Understandably, there were plenty of strong reactions from WWE fans, who condemned Ryback’s tweets:

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