WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, 62, shows physique as he begins ‘summer diet’

WWE star Kevin Nash has always kept himself in shape. But he’s about to start an extra special diet to see him make those vital gains.

During his spell in the world’s premier wrestling company, the American solidified himself as a bonafide sporting legend. The towering athlete reigned over WWE as one of the most dominant competitors in the promotion. He also utilised his freakish size and strength to pick up six WCW world titles.

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He also joined the legendary Kliq. The backstage group, composed of Nash and his friends Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H, had a significant backstage influence on WWE’s landscape. They had each other’s backs and worked exceptionally hard to improve each other’s careers.

However, in 2004 the icon stepped away from the promotion for a second time. But against all odds, he returned in 2011. Despite entering his 50s, he could still mix it with the best, as he showed in his feuds with CM Punk and Triple H.

The 62-year-old continues to make sporadic appearances to this day. In 2015, he received just reward for all his hard work. The company rightfully inducted Kevin Nash into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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But despite regularly wrestling being a thing of the past, Nash still keeps himself in impeccable condition.

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Kevin Nash prepares for a strict summer diet

The WWE superstar took to Twitter to post an image of his bulging biceps with the caption: “303 lbs. Official summer diet starts Monday.”

Granted, the athlete is way past his prime, but he clearly still has the physical conditioning of a performer at the peak of his powers. However, perhaps the most interesting element of the photo is that he looks at his optimum, and his diet hasn’t even started yet.

The image prompted his fans to respond in their masses.

One wrestling aficionado said: “You have any idea how many times I’ve been to a gym while in Daytona hoping I’d run into ya lol. Looking good, man.”

While another admits he feels inspired: “I’ll take a little motivation knowing that when I start back up my rice & chicken and broccoli diet tomorrow that Dr Nash is in the same boat.”

A third fan wished him all the best after the wrestler lost his close friend, Scott Hall: “Good for you Kevin, hope all goes well with it. I also hope all is well with you. I know you’ve been through it recently, just wanted to say thinking of you (all of us fans are) and that you are coping well. All the best, Kevin.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Kevin Nash