WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long advises injured Randy Orton to not return to the ring

Ex-WWE manager and Hall of Famer Teddy Long has advised Randy Orton to not return to wrestling if his injuries are too much to bear.

Orton has been out of the ring since May, where he picked up a severe back injury. Recently, news emerged that The Apex Predator needed a fusion on his back.

As a result of the seriousness of his back problem, Teddy Long has expressed his hopes that Randy Orton looks after his health. Speaking to Sportskeeda, the former WWE official discussed where The Viper goes from here.

“Randy Orton, he’s a great friend of mine, had a lot of good time with him there, too,” began Teddy Long, via Sportskeeda on YouTube. “I just hope Randy makes the right decision; you know?

“There are people like Edge, Kurt Angle, said they wouldn’t come back once they found out they had injuries and doctors told them it’d be dangerous. And they came right back anyway.  

“So, I just hope Randy does the right thing. If the doctors tell you to stay out of the ring, you know, I suggest you stay out of it. Not to just deliberately hurt yourself. It’s still about the money, man!”

Teddy Long hints at how Randy Orton can prolong career in WWE

The ex-Smackdown General Manager then suggested a career change that The Viper may consider taking.

“Well, he can become a mentor,” added Long. “They’ve got a lot of young guys that need talking to, need learning and to be trained. Randy would be really great to help the young kids with their matches. He’s a good promo man, so can help you with that.

“And, like I said, he can also help you a lot with your ring work.”

In contrast to the advice from Teddy Long, Bob Orton Jr has shared his hopes for his son’s future.

Randy Orton’s father gives update on The Viper’s health

Following Randy’s back fusion surgery, WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton gave fans some positive news.

“He [Randy Orton] is coming along,” he confirmed, via PW Mania. “I see him maybe once a week or so. But he’s coming along. He’ll be back in the ring before you know it.”

Then, when discussing whom he’d like Randy to fight upon returning to the WWE fold, “Cowboy” gave an exciting option.

“I think Cody Rhodes [against Randy Orton] would be a hell of a match. I wrestled Dusty [Rhodes] a lot of times. So, might as well keep it on going!”

For veteran wrestling fans, seeing a Rhodes vs Orton match would be a real nostalgia moment. In Randy Orton’s case, this would re-open a multi-generational battle, too. For instance, he fought Dusty Rhodes in The American Dream’s final WWE match.

He has also feuded with Cody Rhodes on SmackDown in the past. Re-igniting this feud would be a throwback, for sure.

But Cody Rhodes is side-lined due to injury, just like Randy. He tore his pectoral at Hell in a Cell in June and will not return until 2023. Therefore, any potential battle between the two WWE superstars lies on the pair’s recovery from injuries.

Hopefully, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes can return to full fitness and get back in the ring soon.

Featured image credit: YouTube/WWE