AIK produce incredible moment of sh*thousery to stop counter-attack

The beautiful game, it brings us joy, misery and everything in between on a weekly basis.

It consistently provides moments of jaw-dropping brilliance, memories that last a lifetime.

Other times, it offers instances of high-level sh*thousery that we shouldn’t really condone, but can’t help but applaud.

At 2-2 in the dying moments, Swedish side AIK panicked as Elfsborg begin to break away. Refusing to let any counter attack proceed, former Sunderland midfielder Sebastian Larsson took matters into his own hands.

As the Elfsborg keeper quickly restarted play, Larsson slyly brought a second ball onto the field. Going one better, his teammate then fired the ball into the path of the opposing player who was breaking down the right wing, leaving the referee with no choice but to stop play.

While the guilty parties were dealt yellow cards, it seemed a worthwhile price to pay as Elfsborg’s breakaway was quickly brought to a halt.

Featured image credit: Dplay Sport