Akonne Wanliss gives up Jaffa Cakes for blockbuster fight at Oktagon 56

With a love of Jaffa Cakes he just can’t kick, Akonne Wanliss is doing everything he can to resist indulging in his favourite sweet treat until he’s emerged victorious against Sahil Siraj at Oktagon MMA 56.

While some fighters love a refreshing pint of beer, and others crave a square of Galaxy chocolate, it’s the McVities’ favourite that has taken hold of ‘The Jedi’s’ heart and refuses to let go.

However, showcasing the same heart he has throughout his fighting career, Wanliss won’t give in — especially not with €1,000,000 on the line.

On April 20, the Birmingham brawler will compete in the opening round of the Oktagon MMA Tipsport Gamechanger. The competition, referred to as the ‘Champions League of MMA’, pits the best fighters in Europe against one another in an epic tournament, in which only one will emerge as the greatest lightweight in the promotion.

Thus, despite the allure of Jaffa Cakes whispering in his ear, he’ll defy the temptation and wait until he’s secured his place in the quarter-finals before he tucks into a pack of his number one snack. Despite feeling the strain of withdrawal symptoms, the 32-year-old knows that steering clear of Jaffa Cakes is the right decision, especially considering a threat he made to bounce a pack off Siraj’s coach’s head at a press conference resulted in a mass brawl that cancelled their previously scheduled collision.

Speaking exclusively to Sporf in Stuttgart, Germany, he explained: “Man, it’s got me on edge. I can’t even get any Jaffa Cakes. I’m in the middle of Germany right now, and I don’t think they sell them. That makes it easier for me, because in the UK, I’d go to the store and get some Jaffa Cakes. I need Jaffa Cakes.”

Akonne Wanliss loves Jaffa Cakes and Star Wars

While many enjoy watching the Star Wars fanatic’s amusing social media videos, behind his comedic persona stands a dedicated man, with fighting at the core of his heart. Training alongside Leon Edwards, the Brit has given blood, sweat and tears in pursuit of reaching his sporting destiny. And now, with his time to shine in the Tipsport Gamechanger within touching distance, Wanliss will do everything in his power to deliver a performance worthy of capturing the attention of purists from every corner of the continent.

However, with charisma coursing through the Sci-Fi enthusiast’s veins, I couldn’t resist pitching a Star Wars X Sporf television show, entitled ‘The Jedi and The Journalist’. And it’s fair to say Wanliss has more than an idea or two for the potential programme.


Wearing a stylish Gi, with a pouch for his lightsabre and boots to ‘kick a man in the head with’, the fighter laughed: “We’d have a lot of lightsabres, some Jaffa cakes, Jar Jar Binks here and there. We’d definitely have Baby Yoda. He’s cute, so that would bring the girls in to watch. And, of course, we’d have to have Master Yoda and a bit of Darth Vader.”

You can buy tickets to watch Wanliss’ battle with Siraj at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, here.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / Akonne Wanliss