Andy Cole on Donny van de Beek and Solskjaer criticism

In the midst of another disappointing transfer window and a hugely underwhelming opening day defeat to Palace, it’s not been an ideal start to the season for United.

Despite securing the services of promising Dutchman Donny van de Beek, there’s a feeling that the club are failing to deliver once again in the transfer window.

Those feelings were only exasperated by the 3-1 defeat in which the team looked extremely short on depth.

As is usually the case, sections of United fans were left questioning whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was the long-term solution for the job, however another United legend, Andy Cole, rebuffed that criticism.


“I think Ole has done a fantastic job ever since he’s taken over. We’ve gone through a few managers now and we’ve still not won the league. We’ve spent a hell of a lot of money and we’ve still not won the league.

“Sometimes, I ask myself what the punters actually want? Who do they want as a manager? Unfortunately, Sir Alex Ferguson is long retired now, he’s enjoying his retirement. We can’t call for him anymore. If there’s a choice of managers out there that possibly Manchester United could have and Manchester United got that manager for instance and it didn’t work out well, what we going to say then?

“Who are we going to call for next? You know football, football never changes. Wanted Mourinho, didn’t work out right. We’ve got Ole in now, oh we don’t want Ole we want Joe Bloggs. Joe Bloggs comes in and it doesn’t work out, oh yeah let’s go on to whoever. Football takes time and we’ve got to try and do the right things.”


Despite the transfer dilemmas, Cole did praise the talents of van de Beek, insisting that the midfielder is just as much for now as the future.

“Technically, he’s a very gifted player. He’s another one who can create so when you have the front boys that we do I think they’ll be looking at him to creates chances.

“He looks like he scores goals as well so I’m not going to say he’s one for the future. He’s one for now and the future because he’s only of a young age so hopefully things work out very well for him and he can help propel Manchester United forward.”

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