Arsene Wenger gives backing to World Cup every two years

FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development Arsene Wenger has given his support to the idea of having an edition of the World Cup every two years.

At this moment in time, as has been the case since 1930 outside of World War II, the FWC has taken place every four years.

It marks the ‘season finale’ of international football for that term with other continent-based tournaments such as the European Championship, Africa Cup of Nations, Copa America and Asian Cup, being held between World Cup cycles.

A major tournament every year?

Right now FIFA is conducting a feasibility study regarding a biennial World Cup and during a recent interview with Kicker, Wenger threw his weight behind the idea and explained his reasons why.

“The national teams can meet in October, play seven qualifying games for a month and then play the finals of a tournament in June.” He explained.

“We want to reduce the number of games, that’s very important because we can see the condition of the players.”

“We guarantee a period of rest after every tournament. Think of it this way: 2026 the World Cup in the USA, Mexico and Canada; 2027 a European Championship and the other continental tournaments; 2028 another World Cup; and so on,” he said. 

“The competitions will all remain in place until 2024, and changes can only be made after that.

“More knockout matches, fewer qualifying games. That’s what the fans want.”

It would ensure the number of days in the calendar dedicated to international breaks would be cut down to just one month of 28 days, whilst simultaneously playing just seven qualifiers instead of ten. However, it may also trim down the time needed for team chemistry to be perfected within these national squads.

The next World Cup is currently scheduled to take place in Qatar between November and December 2022.

Featured image credit: Getty