Bruno Fernandes slams false reports about his Solskjaer comments

Following his side’s disastrous defeat to Tottenham before the international break, rumours had began to circulate that Bruno Fernandes had ‘lost faith’ in his manager.

We’ve seen this a lot over the years, particularly at Manchester United – and most of us knew that it was extremely likely that nothing of the sort had been said, it just made a good headline.

Fernandes himself has now spoken out about the reports, slamming those who were using his name to incite a split in the group.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about that,” the midfielder told¬†Sport TV (via Goal).

“First it was a discussion with team-mates, as it did not stick, it was a discussion with only one team-mate [Victor Lindelof], as it did not stick now, it is the discussion with Solskjaer.”


“I believe it is a way to destabilise the group. What was said is in no way true.

“I was replaced at half-time, it is true, by technical option. The coach told me that the game was almost over and that we would have a lot of games ahead of us. Got it. I was not satisfied but said nothing that could harm the group.”

The midfielder went on to insist there were no issues within the team and everyone was now looking ahead to Saturday’s game against Newcastle.

“Do not use my name, my colleagues or the coach to make trouble at Manchester United,” he said. “The atmosphere is good and the team is ready to give an answer in the next game.”

United currently sit 16th in the Premier League with just three points from their first three games of the new season. 

Featured image credit: Getty