Carl Froch wants to settle beef with Jake Paul in the ring

While Jake Paul has beaten a trio of MMA legends, he might have a harder time with Carl Froch, as ‘The Cobra’ still carries some serious venom.

At the peak of his powers, the Nottingham icon captivated fans around the globe with his all-action style and superb ability on the mic.

Winning multiple world titles, and headlining a packed-out 80,000-seater stadium (as he keeps reminding us), the charismatic character has gone down in British folklore. But despite having achieved everything there is to do in the sport, there’s an irritant in his ear tempting him to get back in the ring for one last dance.

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Since Paul’s meteoric rise to fame, he’s annoyed near enough every combat sports purist. And while that’s helped his star power, he ought to be careful what he wishes for.

Does he not know Froch isn’t one to mess around?

Over the last few months, the pair have gone back and forth on social media, with the 45-year-old getting the last laugh, as he jovially watched Tommy Fury utilise his snappy jab and fancy feet to box his way to a decision victory over the YouTube sensation.

However, it appears seeing another man crumble Paul isn’t enough, as Froch wants to get in with the ex-Disney star himself.


Carl Froch wants to knock out Jake Paul

Speaking to OLBG, he said: “I would always be interested in fighting someone who can’t fight like Jake Paul. It’s like someone giving you a suitcase full of money – you won’t say no. I would train for it. I stay in the gym anyway and keep myself in good shape. Right now, I am 45, and I retired at 36-37. There is a reason that I retired, as after a certain age, the weight cut becomes way too difficult.

“I wouldn’t make the weight for Jake Paul – I would be 14 stone. If a fight was on the cards – which it isn’t because Paul realised he can’t fight after losing to Tommy Fury and he wasn’t even British level at the time, then I would fight him because, like I said before, it is easy money.”

“Also, the risk and reward ratio makes sense. The reason why I didn’t fight again is because the money wasn’t what I needed, my health was at risk, and I have three kids. With Jake Paul, there is little to no risk.”

Carl Froch says Tommy Fury dominated Jake Paul

He continued: “Anderson Silva could have done way better against Jake Paul. He is an MMA legend, and to me, it didn’t look like he tried. From a trained eye, it didn’t look like a full performance. Jake Paul tried against Tommy Fury and realised very quickly that he can’t fight against a Novice pro. For Jake Paul, he was in a win-win situation. If he wins, people will take him more seriously. But if he doesn’t win, everyone will say that ‘he fought a professional fighter’. It is an excuse.

“He was beaten really easily by Tommy Fury though – who, once again, isn’t even British Level. That’s no disrespect to Tommy Fury; anyone will tell you the same. You wouldn’t put him in with the British Champion at light heavyweight at the minute, would you? Jake Paul thought he would be brilliant against Tommy Fury and fight for a WBC belt. He is absolutely useless, and he can’t fight.”

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