Patrik Kincl vows to end rivalry with Karlos Vemola in brutal fashion at Oktagon MMA 43

In one of the biggest collisions in European MMA history, Patrik Kincl and Karlos Vemola will finally settle their beef once and for all in the headline attraction at Oktagon MMA 43.

On May 20, the fierce Czech rivals will collide with much more on the line than middleweight supremacy. And Kincl is very aware that losing simply isn’t an option.

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To put it bluntly, these two men despise one another.

Having previously shared a close friendship, the two engaged in a bitter feud with the pair first clashing in 2018 when Vemola claimed a decision victory. But with the fire still burning deep in his belly, Kincl remained focused, determined to do everything possible to work his way to a rematch.

And while he impressed the purists during his rise in KSW, he watched on in pain as ‘The Terminator’ claimed the Oktagon title. But things quickly took a turn when the first Czech fighter to ever compete in the UFC missed weight and consequently lost his belt.

Quick as a flash, Kincl signed with the promotion and produced a sublime performance to win the vacant strap. And, of course, there was only one man he wanted to defend the belt against.

Knowing they had to seize the moment, Oktagon pounced and made the fight everyone wanted to see.

On Saturday evening, the two men will give their all at a packed O2 Arena in Prague. And while Vemola has every reason to feel confident, he’s facing a man who refuses to bow down.


Patrik Kincl promises to destroy Karlos Vemola at Oktagon MMA 43

Having committed his entire existence to defeating his arch-nemesis, the champion can’t believe his big night has finally arrived.

From the moment the fight was announced, Kincl has eaten, slept and breathed Vemola, training like a trojan in the knowledge that his entire legacy depends on this one moment.

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In an exclusive interview with SPORF, he revealed what this iconic rivalry means to him.

He said: “It’s a f***ing long story—a lot of personal things. I lost the first match, and as a fighter, I want a rematch. I’ve won some fights, and I’ve earned redemption. There are personal issues from my side, which is a little more motivation for me.

“I feel amazing; it’s finally here; I can’t wait to set foot in the O2 Arena.”

While a lesser fighter would’ve let the first loss against Vemola deter him, Kincl has remained dedicated, knowing he had the minerals to continue evolving his game.

The 33-year-old claimed: “He is the same fighter he was ten years ago. It’s not hard to learn his game plan. But his style is unique; it’s old-school wrestling. It’s a little bit hard to prepare for this. However, I think I’ve found the key to beat him, and I will prove it.”

Patrik Kincl is a Czech legend

In a testament to his fighting spirit and palpable charisma, Kincl has helped pioneer a new wave of MMA enthusiasm in his home country. And no matter what happens when the cage door closes at Oktagon MMA 43, he’s earned every ounce of the love the Prague crowd will show him.

The champion concluded: “I am living my dream. I started fighting in small garages and never thought about a sold-out O2 Arena. It’s crazy. Oktagon have done a wonderful job in the Czech Republic. I think they will do the same over all of Europe.”

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA