Conor McGregor earns more money per active minute than any other athlete

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in all of sport. A new study has shown just how well he’s monetised his marketability.

‘The Notorious’ has become synonymous with money. He regularly uses his superior net worth to belittle his opponents. His usage of the term ‘red panty night’ has become one of the most popular lines in UFC history.

Every fighter knows that if they can secure a fight with McGregor, then they will be set for life.

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The Irishman’s whole persona is based on his innate ability to make paper. He even fought for ‘The Money Belt’ in his contest with Floyd Mayweather. However, fans may be surprised as to just how highly he places in the rankings of the best-paid sportsmen on the planet.

Conor McGregor earnings revealed

By analysing the total time an athlete spends in their sporting realm, Olbg has released a new study in which they disclosed who earns the most money per active sporting minute. As you may have guessed by now, it’s none other than The Notorious.

The table, which is broken down into several categories, shows fans the staggeringly short amount of time it takes McGregor to make his cash.

In just seven seconds, the 33-year-old earns £1 million as he earns £6,421,260.74 for every minute he competes in the octagon. This means that the former world champion made a mind-boggling $22 million from his MMA fights in 2021.

But he isn’t the only combat sports star to impress on this list. Pound-for-pound great Canelo Alvarez has bagged the silver medal in this table. The Mexican made £32 million last year. But at two minutes and fifteen seconds, it takes him significantly longer to hit the seven-figure mark than McGregor.

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The combat legends have made a whopping £39.88m between them for only 75 minutes of fighting.

However, what must be said is that the study does not consider the long and painful hours that come with training. Preparing for a contest is horribly taxing on the body. Furthermore, they risk their lives every time they begin trading blows with their opponents.

Who else is on the list?

Although McGregor and Canelo have secured the top two places, there’s one sport in particular that appears to have taken over the list.

American Football star Dak Prescott has bagged the bronze medal, and a further seven fellow players follow his inclusion to round off the top ten.

The list below shows the name of the competitor, followed by the sport, the in-play money they made from that sport in 2021, the minutes played, the earnings per minute, and the time it takes to make $1 million.

1Conor McGregorMixed martial arts$22M3$8,695,6527 seconds
2Canelo ÁlvarezBoxing$32M72$444,4442 minutes, 15 seconds
3Dak PrescottAmerican football$97.5M300$325,0003 minutes, 5 seconds
4Ronnie StanleyAmerican football$47M480$97,91710 minutes, 13 seconds
5David BakhtiariAmerican football$48M720$66,66715 minutes, 0 seconds
6Joey BosaAmerican football$43M720$59,72216 minutes, 45 seconds
7Trent WilliamsAmerican football$42.5M840$50,59519 minutes, 46 seconds
8Myles GarrettAmerican football$42.5M960$44,27122 minutes, 35 seconds
9Jalen RamseyAmerican football$42M1,020$41,17624 minutes, 17 seconds
10Marlon HumphreyAmerican football$37M900$41,11124 minutes, 19 seconds
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