Conor McGregor mocks Floyd Mayweather for his bet on Poirier fight

Conor McGregor has teased Floyd Mayweather after “Money” won a bet thanks to McGregor’s loss against Dustin Poirier.

On Saturday night at UFC 264, McGregor came up short in his attempt to beat Dustin Poirier as he fell to a disappointing loss in their trilogy showdown. The end of the fight came when McGregor broke his leg after falling back awkwardly, forcing a stoppage from the doctor at the conclusion of the first round.

Conor immediately knew he’d suffered a break and promptly went after Poirier who mocked his injury, leading many to believe they could fight a fourth time at some point in the future.

The rivalry continues

One man who knows what it’s like to go toe to toe with Conor McGregor is none other than Floyd Mayweather. The 50-0 boxer beat the Irishman in a titanic collision back in 2017 and ever since then, the pair have maintained a certain sense of animosity towards one another.

Now, that’s spilled over into the world of betting as Mayweather decided to put down $50,000 on Poirier to defeat McGregor this past weekend – which, as we all know, he did.

Floyd was seemingly trying to get a reaction out of McGregor and, as you can probably imagine, he did just that.

Conor opted to mock the amount of money that Mayweather won which is a topic that he loves to mention pretty frequently given his ranking by Forbes as the best-paid athlete on the planet.

The next step on the Conor McGregor journey is unknown right now and that’ll probably be the case until he fully recovers. Still, regardless of whether or not he fights, his foes aren’t going to stop talking about him anytime soon.

Mayweather, on the other hand, is retired from boxing and has said he’d only step back into the ring for another exhibition.

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