Creed III is officially happening

MGM Studios has confirmed that Creed III is ON and will be released on November 23, 2022.

The release coincides with Thanksgiving weekend in the United States and will mark the third instalment in the Adonis Creed saga, as well as being the ninth of the Rocky franchise.

Michael B. Jordan will be making his directorial debut in addition to playing the titular character, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

Jordan made the following statement regarding his new director role.

The king is back

“Directing has always been an aspiration, but the timing had to be right,” said Jordan.

“Creed III is that moment — a time in my life where I’ve grown more sure of who I am, holding agency in my own story, maturing personally, growing professionally, and learning from the Greats like Ryan Coogler, most recently Denzel Washington, and other top tier directors I respect. All of which sets the table for this moment.”

A trailer for the third movie has yet to be released but here’s one for Creed II to whet your appetite.

YouTube video

Between directing, acting and also producing, Jordan will be a busy man in this movie.

“This franchise and in particular the themes of Creed III are deeply personal to me. I look forward to sharing the next chapter of Adonis Creed’s story with the awesome responsibility of being its director and namesake.”

Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad are both set to return as Creed’s fiance and step-mother respectively. However, it’s not yet known whether Sylvester Stallone will reprise his role as Rocky Balboa.

The journey of Rocky and the Creed family has been an emotional one up to this point. Yet even after everything they’ve been through, it still feels like this series has a lot of gas left in the tank.

It’s not yet known what direction they’ll head in. But, you can bet Adonis is in for another barnburner of a scrap.

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