Dana White reveals his plans for the lightweight division title

UFC president Dana White has revealed his preliminary plans for the title picture in the lightweight division.

Ever since Khabib Nurmagomedov retired following his win over Justin Gaethje, the future of the 155-pound belt has been up in the air. White wants Khabib back, the fans want a new champion crowned, and the fighters just want some clarity.

There was expectation that Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor 2 could become a Lightweight Championship fight just prior to the bout taking place. In the end though, that obviously didn’t materialise, which is slightly unfortunate for Poirier.

Dana’s big plan

During the UFC 259 pre-fight press conference, White attempted to give media members an insight into his thought process.

“I think a lot of these fights have to play out in the lightweight division. From No. 9 all the way up to No. 1, they’re incredible fights. You can mix or match them any way you want and they’re really good fights.”

“Let some of these play out to see who will fight next for the title,” White said.

The idea of a lightweight tournament isn’t exactly going to be frowned upon. After all, it’s largely considered to be the best division in all of mixed martial arts.

One issue rests with Dustin Poirier’s inability to catch a break. After finally gaining a measure of revenge on Conor McGregor, he may have to fight once or twice more if he wants to win the belt.

On the flip side you’ve got Khabib who could turn this whole thing upside down if he decides to come back.

Dana isn’t giving up on that possibility and neither are the fans, as you can probably imagine. For now, though, there are still plenty of questions in the air as we get closer and closer to UFC 259 this weekend.

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