Dana White says Poirier is “smart” for not taking title fight

UFC president Dana White believes Dustin Poirier was “smart” to take the McGregor trilogy over a title fight.

After Poirier beat McGregor at UFC 257, many fans were already calling him the champion-elect. He’d avenged the most noteworthy loss of his career and he did so in emphatic fashion.

Legacy over belts?

The expectation was that he’d go on to fight for the UFC lightweight title – but that didn’t come to fruition.

Instead, Dana White announced that Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira will battle it out for the belt.

Both men have been on phenomenal runs as of late but it was hard not to feel like Poirier was overlooked. However, as it turns out, is sounds like Dustin was offered the fight and turned it down.

Instead he’s chosen to complete the trilogy with McGregor, which belt or no belt, is undoubtedly the biggest fight.

During the UFC 260 pre-fight press conference, White was asked about Poirier’s decision.

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“Dustin wants the rematch [with Conor McGregor]. That’s smart. That’s what he should do. He should take the rematch, take that fight. It’s a big fight for him,” White said. 

“Kid’s worked hard his whole life, his whole career to be in a position like this. That’s the fight you take. We’ve been in positions like this before with others who have made the mistake of not taking that fight, and [it was the] biggest mistake of their lives.”

In the eyes of most UFC fans, Dustin Poirier should probably already be the UFC lightweight champion.

Unfortunately that’s not how this game works but he clearly understands the prestige that comes with fighting McGregor not just once, but three times.

If he can beat the Irishman again this summer he will likely be a made man for life.

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