Day 7 without sport: Bruno Fernandes’ bromance and Richarlison’s new haircut

It goes without saying that this is a tough time for pretty much everyone and things aren’t getting any better in a hurry.

The coronavirus pandemic has left a lot of us stuck indoors all day and without any sport, there’s very little to pass the time.

In an effort to keep spirits up, each day, we’ll be offering up some light-hearted entertainment and snippets of feel-good news from the sporting world.

First up we’ve got Bruno Fernandes’ blossoming friendship with fellow countryman, Diogo Dalot.

Richarlison paying homage to El Fenomeno with the iconic 2002 World Cup Ronaldo haircut

Everton and Liverpool ensuring food banks can still operate in their area

Fabregas ‘arguing’ with his neighbours

Mclaren’s Lando Noris breaks Twitch streaming records with ‘Not the AUS GP’

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Obviously these are very tricky times and if there’s one bit of advice we can offer, it’s be kind and look after one another. We’re all a little frightened, so it’s the least we can be doing to help each other out.

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