Dillian Whyte net worth: How much has ‘The Body Snatcher’ made in his career?

Over the years, Dillian Whyte has solidified himself as a PPV star, so it’s no surprise that he’s accumulated such an enormous net worth.

On Saturday night, ‘The Body Snatcher’ goes into the biggest fight of his entire career. He collides with Tyson Fury for the WBC Heavyweight Championship at Wembley Stadium in front of 94,000 people. The contest looks destined to provide fans with an incredible spectacle.

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The match-up has the public split. Some feel that Whyte’s thunderous left hook and devastating body attack could have ‘The Gypsy King’ in a world of trouble. In contrast, others believe that Fury’s sensational movement and boxing IQ will leave the challenger chasing shadows.

But regardless of who wins this titanic battle, both men will leave the ring a hell of a lot richer than when they went in.

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How much will Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte earn for their fight?

After the WBC ordered the two teams to begin negotiating, they failed to reach an agreement. Therefore, the rights to the bout went to purse bid, and Frank Warren won with a record-breaking £30.6 million. 10% of the winning bid is being reserved for the winner, while the rest is split 80-20 in favour of the champion.

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Therefore Fury will make a whopping £22 million, while Whyte takes home £5.5 million, with the extra £4.4 million picked up by whoever has their hand raised. So irrespective of whether he wins or loses, the underdog will make a career-high pay-day.

As per Sportekz, his previous most lucrative bout took place against Alexander Povetkin. After dismantling the Russian for four rounds, he got hit with a ginormous uppercut which left him out cold. But hopefully, the £4 million pay cheque helped ease his sorrows. However, the powerhouse has made lots of money outside of boxing, so how much has he generated overall?

How big a net worth has Dillian Whyte made?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a value of £1 million. However, Suprise Sports claim the boxer has accumulated a £7 million fortune. He typically makes around £4 million a year through his exploits in the squared circle.

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Outside of the ring, Whyte has multiple sponsors. Glove manufacturers Fly back him for all his bouts. He wears their gloves in training and in his fights. He also has a lucrative deal with clothing company BoxRaw.

It’s fair to say that Whyte has done very well throughout his career. But after Saturday night, his net worth will shoot through the roof. And if he can pull off the impossible and strip Fury of his undefeated record, his purses will only get bigger.

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