EA tease return of ‘popular, long-running franchise’

EA Sports has teased the return of a popular franchise as part of their upcoming Spotlight event.

For many gamers out there who have been loyal to EA for all these years, it’s easy to see and understand how they’ve occasionally missed the mark. However, more often than not, they tend to make the fans happy, the number speak for that – and they do so in a variety of different sports.

A Fight Night comeback at last?

Over the course of the next few weeks EA is planning on making several announcements with regards to future projects. As per their official website, it seems like that’s going to include the return of an old “long-running” franchise.

“Look, we’re not allowed to tell you much about this one yet, sorry. But we can say this Spotlight will highlight an extremely cool new addition to an extremely popular and long-running EA SPORTS franchise. We may have said too much already. Just keep your calendar free, OK?” The publisher confirmed.

YouTube video

There are already plenty of rumours flying around as the masses continue to try and guess what could be next for EA. Some think we’re going to get another SSX or NBA Live game, whereas the most popular theory as of this writing rests in the Fight Night franchise.

After four rounds of Fight Night games followed by Fight Night Champion in 2011, EA went dark for a decade despite supporters making it clear they want to see more. The possibilities are there for all to see given their previous titles but if it is Fight Night, the expectations are going to be unbelievably high after the overwhelming success of the past instalments.

One day after updates regarding the progress of NFL Madden 22, this “comeback” announcement will be made on July 20 at 10am PT / 7pm CET.

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