Eddie Hall v Thor Bjornsson will feature in a new documentary

The long-awaited fight between Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson finally happened last week. ‘The Mountain’ got the better of his fierce rival, winning via unanimous decision.

Bjornsson knocked Hall down twice during the bout in Dubai. His superiority was backed up by all three judges scoring the Icelandic giant as the winner.

Despite the dominating manner in which Thor won, Eddie Hall is not deterred. He has hinted that he is open to a rematch. However, Bjornsson is not taking up the offer unless the Brit settles the bets that he lost.

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It appears that the long-standing feud may continue.

Thor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall: forever rivals

The pair’s rivalry dates back to their strongman days in 2017. Eddie Hall defeated Thor Bjornsson in the World’s Strongest Man competition – but only after some controversy. The Icelandic heavyweight claimed that Hall had cheated on some of his reps. This claim was rubbished by Hall, who countered that Bjornsson was “smearing his title”.

Bjornsson would win the World’s Strongest Man award the following year. He also set a new deadlift world record. However, Hall questioned if Thor’s record was legitimate, as it took place in his own gym in Iceland.

Thus, a feud was born.

Fast-forward to 2021. The duo were going to settle their differences with a boxing match. Unfortunately, Hall suffered a torn bicep in training, pushing the date back to March 2022.

A documentary?

Commissioned by the returning channel BBC Three, a documentary is in the works on the build-up to Hall and Bjornsson’s massive boxing match. Olivia Isaacs will direct the project as part of BBC’s New Documentary Directors initiative.

The documentary will mainly revolve around the defeated Hall; it will provide an insight into Hall’s gruelling fight preparation, with input from both the Brit and his close family. Isaac’s show will look into Hall’s previous mental health struggles, and how he channelled his troubles into strongman competition and beyond.

Hall’s dedication to his sport and intense training undoubtedly impacted his personal relationships with family and friends. The documentary dives into this aspect of Hall’s life too.

This is not Eddie Hall’s first experience in documentaries. He featured in ‘Born Strong’, a series that followed four strongmen (including Thor Bjornsson) in their training for The Arnold Armstrong Classic and World’s Strongest Man competitions.

In addition, he starred in ‘Eddie – Strongman’. This series details the incredible personal sacrifices that the Brit made in pursuit of the World’s Strongest Man title.

The new BBC documentary does not have a release date yet, but will likely be available at some point later this year.

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