Emerson Royal says Barcelona “kicked him out” of club

Emerson Royal has revealed the process behind him finding out that he was going to be leaving Barcelona.

On deadline day, Tottenham Hotspur made a notable splash when announcing they had signed Emerson Royal for a fee believed to be in the region of €25 million. The 22-year-old looks set to make his debut for the club once the international break is over but until then, fans are already getting excited about the prospect of seeing him play in a Spurs shirt.

Emerson’s Premier League journey begins

Emerson was one of many departures from the Nou Camp during this summer transfer window with plenty of pundits wondering what the next move is for the Spanish giants. While they’re still expected to be competitive both domestically and in Europe, they certainly aren’t being viewed as the “big bad Barca” that once ruled over the continent like Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

The exit of Emerson isn’t the only sign that things are going south but during a recent interview with Marca, the Brazilian made some interesting remarks when discussing the moment he found out he was going to be sold.

“I met the leaders of the club. They began to tell me that the club’s situation was not good, that it was going through a difficult time and that it was better for them to sell. 


“I repeated to them that my intention was to stay because I had the dream of playing here and contributing things to Barcelona. 

“I knew that if I was in my best shape, I was going to succeed here. I am smart and there came a time when I realised that they were telling me to go. They were kicking me out with very good words.”

Emerson went on to say he’s excited about the new project he’s about to embark on in North London.

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