Emmanuel Frimpong jokes that KSI still owes him money for YouTube videos

Back in the day, KSI and Emmanuel Frimpong shared some pretty epic FIFA matches, but apparently, the YouTuber still hasn’t paid the ex-footballer his share.

As a youngster, the man renowned for coining the term ‘dench’ looked destined for superstardom. Picking up two Youth Premier League titles and a youth FA Cup, upon turning professional, he made an instant splash, with Arsene Wenger branding him: “A fighter and a winner.”

YouTube video

Unfortunately, despite travelling the world, playing ‘the beautiful game’ in Cyprus and Russia, the Ghanaian international never reached the heights expected of him and retired in 2019. However, he still made a valuable impact in his own right. The popular player released ’Leave it Yeah’ alongside his cousin, Lethal Bizzle and made some fantastic content with the man now known as ‘The Nightmare’.

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KSI and Emmanuel Frimpong loved playing FIFA together

Speaking to bettingsites.co.uk, he reminisced: “I did make videos with KSI around 12 years ago, when he was coming up in the YouTube scene. And now he’s done very well for himself.

“We don’t talk because we’re not close friends. But we follow each other on social media because we have previously worked together.”

YouTube video

However, despite their professional relationship, the content creator never coughed up the dough for Frimpong’s help.

The former Ghanaian international laughed: “KSI didn’t pay me for the last couple of FIFA videos I did with him years ago. So I might have to give him a message and ask for it now.

“I always looked to work with people who were talented like KSI. But I don’t think we can have another round of FIFA because he’s moved on from that type of content.

“I congratulate him and wish him even more success because what he’s done and where he has come from is amazing.”

Since their gaming ventures, KSI has catapulted into global superstardom, amassing a total of 20 million subscribers. In addition, he’s exploded into the beverage industry, with his hydration drink, Prime, which he owns alongside Logan Paul.

The 29-year-old also has a flourishing boxing career, and will return to the ring in May against 9-0, Joe Fournier.

Featured Image Credit: Copa 90