England boss Eddie Jones got held back after Australian fan called him ‘traitor’

After a fantastic victory for England, the tables turned for Eddie Jones as the coach found himself at loggerheads with an Australian fan.

On July 16, ‘The Red and Whites’ beat their elite opponents 2-1 to win the series in an impressive fashion. Having lost the first test, England bounced back with a 25-17 victory in Melbourne, followed by a dramatic 21-17 win in the third Test at Sydney Cricket Ground.

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Their young side, featuring the likes of Freddie Steward, Tommy Freeman and Marcus Smith, has generated huge momentum going into the World Cup next year.

In the aftermath of the match, Jones spoke about the importance of the fixture.

As per Sky Sports, he said: “It’s a really positive step. We’ve always felt the team is going in the right direction. Sometimes the results don’t reflect that. At the end of the game, we had six players with under ten caps, so it is an inexperienced squad who will really benefit from an experience like this.

“They understand how hard they have to fight to win a Test match away from home. Some of our guys have now won two series away in Australia. I am so proud of their efforts. We are in a good position (ahead of next year’s World Cup). We’ve just got to slowly, slowly keep improving. We want to be at our best by next October.”

However, despite initially enjoying the result, the England boss had a difficult situation to deal with in the moments after the full-time whistle blew.

Eddie Jones clashes with fan

Although the 62-year-old proudly manages England, it’s no secret that he was born in Australia. Therefore, some of his countrymen have found themselves feeling somewhat infuriated that he masterminded their demise over the weekend.

Following the game, a gentleman wearing a Wallabies hat and carrying a beer in hand shouted “traitor” in the former player’s direction. However, he received more than he bargained for when his fellow Aussie stormed over in retaliation.

An enraged Jones shouted, “Come here and say it”, three times, which resulted in security guards having to usher him away.

It seems this isn’t an isolated incident. The manager regularly receives abuse from his countryman and thus takes great joy in defeating their side on the field.

He explained: “You have got 48,000 people all full of drink, and all they want to see is their team win. When you turn them away, it’s a great experience. A great feeling. I was coming out from the coaches’ box, and they all have their scarves on. When did Australians start wearing scarves? It’s all the rage, isn’t it? They are not so smart now.

“Before the game, they are coming up saying to me you are going to get belted tonight. Now they are a little bit more quiet. So that’s good. I enjoy that.”

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